Clean Up Water Damage

Clean Up Water Damage by DK

We understand that water damage can easily disrupt life. Nobody wants to walk into a flooded basement from a faulty water heater or have overflowing toilets in an office space. Not only is this problem a nuisance, but if you don’t find a company to clean up water damage quickly, then it can lead to problems down the road, like black mold, which will only increase the amount of damage while adding more repair costs.

Water damage is one of the most commonly seen property damages that we see due things like:

  • heavy rainstorms
  • sewer backups
  • burst pipes
  • faulty plumbing

Whether you are needing to DK to clean up water damage to your residential or commercial space, we have the contractors that you need to get quality cleanup repair fast.

What To Do Following Flooding or Water Damage

Did you know that even the smallest leak can cause irreversible damage and mold if not treated immediately? If you have experience flooding or a burst pipe, it’s important to close off your main water line or call a professional if you can’t get the water turned off; turn off the electric breaker in the affected areas; call your insurance company ASAP; and call a restoration company to restore and clean up any water damaged areas.

24 Hour Water Damage Clean Up Response Time

The great thing about DK technician is our 24 hour phone line and response time. If you have experienced flooding, then time is of the essence to clean up water damage. Our expert technicians will arrive on the scene using high tech water mitigation and drying techniques implementing industry best equipment. We want to help get your life back to normal as quickly as possible!

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

In order to fully clean up water damaged areas, all moisture must be completely removed from walls, floors, ceilings, or any other affected areas. Any areas that are not completely relieved of moisture will only lead to more problems down the road, which can harm both your property and your health.

Once a DK technician is called to your property to clean up water damage, they will determine the detailed amount of damage in order to give you an approximate restoration time frame, chemicals that might be used, and approximate cost.

Get In Touch

If you have recently experienced water damage, then it is important to get in contact with DK as quickly as possible. Don’t let your home or business suffer more damage when time is of the essence. DK technicians not only clean up water damaged areas, but we also help restore your property back to its pre-damaged state. No matter the size of water damage clean up that you need, we are here to help!

Learn more about water damage cleanup and the benefits of hiring Disaster Kleenup, give us a call at (208) 274-4216.

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