Disaster Kleenup

Disaster Kleenup In Idaho is part of one of the oldest and largest property restoration organizations.

Disaster Kleenup International began in 1974 with the mission of providing high quality property restoration services. During this time, they have maintained and established a great reputation in the “disaster kleenup” arena. This led to Idaho’s Disaster Kleenup to become part of this great organization. Not only have we been able to provide disaster cleanup and damage repair services on a large and small scale, but we have been able to be a part of training and education programs provided by the DKI organization.

The DK Commitment

Being underneath the DKI branch shows that our business is committed to quality, ethics, and professionalism.

Through Disaster Kleenup In Idaho, the Disaster Kleenup technicians receive:

  • Education and Training Programs
  • Co-operative Buying Opportunities
  • National Events
  • Corporate Branding
  • Marketing Efforts
  • And much more!

Disaster Kleenup is continually looking toward the future. When you choose a DK technician, you are receiving top notch contractors that will work to restore your damaged property to its pre loss condition promptly and professionally.

DK – Disaster Kleenup’s Core Purposes

Above all else, as a part of the Disaster Kleenup International’s organization, our core purpose is to restore your peace of mind following a disaster and damage to your property. We also believe in the following DKI purposes:


We believe in always doing the right thing


We strive to improve all aspects of our business

Follow Through

We are clear on deliverables and believe in always keeping our word


We support each other for the common good


We love what we do and commit to doing our best

Disaster Kleenup’s Green Initiative

As a DKI member, we believe that sustainable development is the most dynamic commodity to hit the construction field and building design in over a decade. DKI are pioneers of the green movement by being the first and sole disaster reconstruction and restoration organization to be Green Risk certified in building reconstruction and restoration. This allows Disaster Kleenup to be geared towards aiding:

  • Managers
  • Property Owners
  • Insurers of Green Buildings
  • And Facility Directors

Green Certified Services

When it comes to Green Certified services, DK completely understands the makeup of green buildings, the products used, and the insurance coverage and rating systems as it relates to green building certifications. Therefore, if a green building succumbs to damage, it will be restored incorporating the most powerful and competent green cleaning products that are available in the marketplace.

24/7 Disaster Kleenup Telephone Line

Disaster Kleenup In Idaho has the fastest turnaround time because of our 24/7 kleenup services. If you have recently been affected by a natural or manmade disaster, please don’t hesitate to contact DK. You don’t have to wait days on end to get your property back to a restorative state. We are here to help NOW.

Call Disaster Kleenup In Idaho at (208) 274-4216 for a disaster kleenup quote!

Non-Emergency Inquiries

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