Residential Disaster Cleanup and Restoration in Idaho

Idaho Residential Restoration

For more than 30 years, Disaster Kleenup (DK) has been the name to trust for high quality and comprehensive cleanup, mitigation, and restoration services for residential homes and commercial buildings alike. We pride ourselves on offering quality and timely residential disaster cleanup and restoration in Idaho. We are a locally-owned, Treasure Valley-based company that has a national reputation for excellence in the disaster cleanup industry, and we will be there for you when you need us most.

24/7 Disaster Cleanup Phone Line

As most of us know, disaster can literally strike overnight. No matter what scale of residential restoration and disaster cleanup that you need, our Idaho restoration company has the knowledge and expertise to get your property restored fast. Our 24/7 phone line means that you get ahold of a DK team member quickly!

If you are living in a recently damaged home, DK offers restoration following mold damage, asbestos, water and storm damage, fire damage, and more! Some of the most common residential disaster cleanup and restoration in Idaho that we see include the following.

Residential Disaster Cleanup and Restoration For Fire Damage

Fire damage is tricky because it can range from a single room to an entire building. There are many aspects to residential fire damage cleanup and restoration because there’s so much more to clean than meets the eye. For example, smoke damage and ash in AC ducts is just one area to consider that is not immediately seen.

Also, the time it takes for repairs can vary. During this time, our team of certified technicians aim to keep you in the loop during the entire fire damage repair process. We want our clients to completely understand the repair timeline, including why a specific process might be taking longer and the steps we take for complete cleanup. Because of this variance, there are several areas to think about:

  • Irreparable fire damage (i.e. replacement of walls, furniture, electronics, etc)
  • Smoke damage (smell, discoloration)
  • Damage caused by fire extinguishing agents

Residential Disaster Cleanup and Restoration For Water Damage

Bad pipes, storm damage that leads to flooding, a rain storm, faulty plumbing – these are all types of water damage that will require a certified residential disaster cleanup and restoration company in Idaho – like DK – fast. Water damaged areas MUST be restored rapidly. This minimizes mold growth or other irreparable damage. This quick turnaround time is key for your home, which is why our 24/7 disaster restoration is so important.

Go from water damage to water restoration in no time!

Residential Disaster Cleanup and Restoration Following Asbestos

If you live in an older home, then you most likely have experienced or have been warned of asbestos. If so, DK understands the demand with searching Idaho asbestos abatement companies immediately. Asbestos is a type of damage that is not to be taken lightly. Left alone, it usually isn’t a problem. However, if your older home has recently experienced damage, there is the potential that asbestos particles have been released.

If this is the case, it is imperative to get your asbestos damage taken care of quickly and thoroughly. DK offers residential disaster cleanup and restoration in Idaho following asbestos damage, and our team goes through strict training and certifications in order to handle asbestos safely and effectively.

Finding An Idaho Residential Restoration Company Fast

We understand the concern with finding a residential disaster cleanup and restoration company in Idaho following a disaster. Because of this, DK offers a 24/7 phone line for the quickest turnaround time!

Call (208) 274-4216 to get ahold of a DK team member today!

Non-Emergency Inquiries

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