Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Idaho

Destructive wind, rain, and lightning following a harrowing storm can cause an absurd amount of damage to a building. Your property may have been affected by a fallen tree, broken windows, water and flood damage, and more. If this happens to be your case you and are looking for storm damage cleanup and restoration in Idaho, DK is here to help!

We have had the pleasure of restoring countless Idaho homes and businesses following a natural disaster, and we are the undisputed experts in our field. Our storm damage specialists perform cleanup, remediation, and restoration on business and residential properties following:

  •  Flood Damage
  •  Rain Damage
  •  Snow Damage
  •  Wind Damage
  •  Lightning Damage
  •  Mudslides

Our Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration Process

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a storm and you don’t know where to start, let our experts do the work for you. DK offers professional property storm damage cleanup and restoration in Idaho for both small and large jobs, and we have the manpower and equipment to handle any sized restoration process. We use the following steps to get your property back up to par following a storm.

1. Storm Damage Assessment

After getting a request for assistance from our 24/7 damage restoration hotline, our Idaho storm damage cleanup and restoration team will arrive at your property to begin a full assessment of the damage to your building, including both the interior and the exterior. Once our certified technicians have a distinct understanding of the extent of your storm damage, we will devise a plan of action that’s best for your personal situation.

2. Drying Process

Once the DK plan of action for storm damage cleanup and restoration is approved, we will begin the water removal process for any areas that have experienced flooding. This is extremely important in order to stop any potential mold growth. In order to inhibit the spread of moisture, our Disaster Kleenup technicians will remove both visible and non-visible water.

3. Mold Remediation Following Storm Damage

After the bulk of the water is removed, the DK storm damage cleanup and restoration Idaho team apply an EPA-approved antimicrobial treatment to areas of concern. This inhibits the growth and reproduction of any potential bacteria. Amazingly, this solution also deodorizes as it sanitizes in order to eliminate any unwanted odors caused by dampness and mildew. Although this mold remediation treatment is powerful, we are happy to say that our antimicrobial treatment is safe for both children and pets.

4. Reconstruction of Areas Affected By Storm Damage

The final step is restoring your property to its pre-storm condition. This includes, but is not limited to, walls, flooring, ceilings, structural elements, and woodwork. All of our construction and storm damage cleanup and restoration has rigid standards of bringing your property back to, or better than, its original condition. We want your home or business to match your memory before the disaster took place!

Safety for Homes and Businesses

If you have recently experienced storm damage and are in search of a team specializing in storm damage cleanup and restoration in Idaho, please do not hesitate to give DK a call so that we can get your property back up to par ASAP.

Disaster Kleenup is dedicated to making your home or business safe and secure so you can get back to your life.

Non-Emergency Inquiries

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