DK Case Study – Mold: The Damage (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Disaster Kleenup Blog, where we discuss previous disasters we have cleaned up and talk about preventative steps and plans as well as getting you back up and running again.

Last week we shared a story about a home in a remote location that had a significant mold problem that caused that needed to be addressed.

The customer has had difficulty in the past getting service providers and contractors to come to the isolated location. DK agreed to come up to the home and had the conversation with the homeowner that mold issues are not typically covered by insurance. Upon inspection, DK observed a leak that was still happening in the shower and that was causing the mold to continue. The mold call became a water cleanup operation.

The customer had water present in the crawl space and behind the shower. Due to this discovery, the cleanup job was submitted for coverage through the insurance company.

The job would be significant because the mold was extensive; DK would have to make sure the water was cleaned up with the mold removed, all while the customer was still residing in the home during the entire process. The customer needed to stay in the home during the process due to their remote location.

Navigating the claims process with insurance can be frustrating. DK prides itself on thorough documentation, including accurate reports and estimates. This documentation ensures that your insurance company is kept in the loop and helps inform you throughout the process of the cleanup.

If you have questions, you are always welcome to call our non-emergency line for more information on how we can clean up any disaster your home has encountered, big or small!

To learn more about how Idaho DK restores homes flooding check out our Flood Damage Restoration and Repair page.

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