DK Case Study – Mold: The Kleenup (Part 3)

Welcome back to the Disaster Kleenup Blog, where we discuss previous disasters we have cleaned up and talk about preventative steps and plans as well as getting you back up and running again.

Last week we shared a story about a remote home with a significant mold problem that needed to be addressed. The nature of the cleanup would involve significant removal and reconstruction while the customer was still residing in the home. The customer needed to stay in the house as the home was so isolated there was no
other place for the customer to stay while the cleanup was being done.

After a game plan had been thought out, the crew did a great job containing the areas of the home with the mold from the rest of the house while they worked. This involved removing the mold from the crawl space and the shower. The complete shower had to be removed and replaced due to mold growth. DK kept in communication with the customer to explain every step of the process and what would be done next with the home. The customer was so happy with DK; they even asked if DK could help with other things in their home. We ended up cleaning the
crawl space, removing and replacing the shower, and redoing all of the flooring in the home.

The customer shared that they are very private but felt at ease and comfortable with all of the DK employees in their home and that they all were very professional and respectful. The customer was impressed by how much work DK did for them while always keeping them comfortable and informed with every step in the process.

In the end, the insurance company approved and paid for a portion of the process due to the thorough inspection and information that was gathered and documented by DK. Conducting a thorough inspection is an important process for insurance carriers as they use this documentation for any claims process.

Navigating the claims process with the insurance company can be frustrating. Still, detailed documentation with daily drying logs and estimates are required to keep your insurance company in the loop and help you throughout the process of the cleanup.
That is how DK can “Break The Mold”. If you would like to learn about other disasters we’ve cleaned up and how we’ve helped return families back to normal, read through our other blog posts and case studies.

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Keep your eyes peeled for our next case study detailing….


your insurance company in the loop and help you throughout the process of the

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