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Local equipment for flood damage cleanup

If you’ve experienced an unwanted water-related event in your home or business, you may have seen what faster response in flood damage cleanup really means. It’s not whether a business picks up the phone 24/7, although there is a great feeling when you actually reach the party you called. It’s not even when a water damage remediation company technician arrives at your house or building quickly, sometimes with an hour or two of your call.


Both of those checklist items are delivered by many otherwise reputable flood damage cleanup companies – but by themselves, neither is enough. The true measure of faster response in flood damage cleanup is whether the company you called actually has the right equipment nearby and ready for use, and gets it on your site quickly. If the job is small and straightforward, almost any company with a van can have a few air movers out to you on short notice.


What sets the premier flood damage cleanup firms apart from the others is what happens on a larger, more complex job. Many customers, especially commercial businesses where water damage may be more extensive, are dismayed to find that a firm that seems responsive has to bring in equipment from another state. In Utah, where transporting anything via highway may be complicated by winter weather conditions, that can mean a significant delay in actually starting the cleanup job – a day, perhaps two, or more if a disaster is widespread.


More flood damage cleanup equipment staged locally means a faster response, with drying technology ready to bring to you on a moment’s notice. This is where Disaster Kleenup (DK), a flood damage cleanup company in Nampa, shines. With a facility housing everything needed, DK can not only put a skilled technician at your door rapidly, but can also bring any water damage remediation equipment on site along the Wasatch Front within hours. The difference between local and out-of-state equipment can mean a huge swing in how long it takes to get your home or business completely recovered. When you have water damage, call DK first for the fastest possible recovery.

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