Wind Damage Prevention

Often the best way to fix damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This is definitely the case where wind damage to a home or business is imminent. Many times, damage to a structure is caused by a nearby tree that gives way in a stiff wind. A heavy branch falling on a building can create roof damage, or break windows, or even create severe structural damage to walls and floors, especially upstairs. How can you avoid wind damage to your home or business?

At some point, where there is a violent tornado or hurricane involved, preventing wind damage to a building is difficult – one can only board up windows, secure roofing, and hope for the best possible outcome. In more routine storms, such as the type Idaho often experiences, a microburst or even a moderate wind can snap a tree near a building that may have been overlooked until it is too late.

Trees are great sources of natural cooling, shading a building from the direct rays of the sun. Small trees have a tendency of growing into medium trees that do this job perfectly, but then can grow into larger trees that start to infringe on the safety of a house. A large, mature tree is a beautiful thing when standing tall, but quickly becomes a menace if branches or the entire tree start falling. Mature tree branches can be incredibly heavy.

Disaster Kleenup recommends inspecting mature trees annually and having professionals perform trimming where necessary, especially where branches protrude over a roof or near an exterior wall of a building. Many varieties of trees require careful attention to help prevent branches from splitting off unexpectedly. Also, some trees are prone to uprooting or toppling in a strong wind. A tree professional can assess the wind damage risk and help control it while retaining the beauty and health of the tree.

When wind damage, which can be coupled with water damage from storms, does occur to your home or business, Disaster Kleenup is ready for anything.

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