When Complete Restoration Matters

At Disaster Kleenup, we are all about making disaster recovery easier. This can mean different things for homeowners and business owners. Whatever your interpretation of complete restoration is, we have the equipment, people, and know-how to help.

Typically for a business owner, the objective is to get back in business as quickly as possible, restoring items to a level where a facility can safely reopen to serve customers. The damage cleanup steps must be thorough, yet as fast as possible. High value items such a gymnasium floor must be dried and refinished since replacement can be exorbitantly expensive. Replacing items such as drywall, cabinetry, carpeting and more can be done with equivalent materials and construction methods, handled professionally and expediently.

For a homeowner, complete restoration usually means putting things back to exactly the pre-disaster condition or as close as possible, which can mean using higher quality materials and methods. The cleanup steps in restoring personal property and belongings usually merits a bit more time and attention; recovering an item thought lost is worth the time to a family. More time may also be spent in locating and ordering the correct materials to match the items in the home where possible. Workmanship and attention to detail are crucial to bring intricate home details back to life.

Easy does not mean cutting corners to get jobs done quickly. Easy does mean knowing how to work with first responders, drying and cleanup technology, insurers, construction material suppliers, and home and business owners. We invest the appropriate amount of time considering the “before” state and the damage sustained to see any project from a disaster event to complete restoration.

Our in-house construction expertise at Disaster Kleenup means you have one company to deal with in your damage restoration project, start to finish. We know how important time and assets are to most businesses, and we know how important a dwelling and belongings are to most homeowners. When you’ve experienced a disaster, call us for help in your complete restoration.

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