When to Call for Water Damage Remediation

Unwanted water inside a home or business isn’t always due to a flood or storm. Often, water damage is a direct result of man-made conveniences gone wrong. Here are 5 events that will tell you when to call for water damage remediation services from Disaster Kleenup.

  • Fire sprinkler discharge: Of course, if there is an actual fire, having fire sprinklers discharge and extinguish a fire is a plus – and we can help clean up after that, too. However, sometimes sprinklers go off inadvertently and soak entire rooms quickly.
  • Plumbing leak: A rupture in a supply line, or a failure in the valve for faucets or toilets can result in a slow leak or a gusher. Water can invade cabinetry, walls, carpeting and flooring quickly if the leak is severe enough.
  • Sewage backup: This is one situation a home or business owner should not attempt to tackle; sewage is by definition contaminated. If a sewer or septic tank connection becomes blocked, the resulting backup can flow from toilets and tubs creating a mess.
  • Water heater leak: While the connection to a water heater can fail if the unit falls (say, in an earthquake), most often water heaters fail when their tank corrodes and ruptures. When the safety pan underneath fills up, water starts spilling out of control.
  • Washing machine leak: Supply lines to washing machines often break due to vibration added up over years of use. Dishwashers and refrigerators can also fall victim to the same type of supply line failure, with similar results.

When any of these things happen, first try to shut off the water supply to the fixture involved, or the building if necessary. Then, call us at Disaster Kleenup to help assess and clean up water damage. We can help prevent further damage, such as the onset of mold, with thorough drying and water removal. We can also help with complete restoration of drywall, cabinets, flooring, and other items requiring construction work. Give us a call, day or night, for your water damage remediation needs.

Call Disaster Kleenup, day or night, for water damage cleanup

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